You won’t believe what happened when these kids were left alone with their Dad.

Dads are super cool and fun to be with, and they have their very own unique parenting style. Check out these pictures to agree with me.

  • Yo man! Can’t wait to see you with a beard. Here you go son!

funny dad parenting image

  • Won’t listen? Fine I am your DAD kid, just wait and watch.

    funny dad parenting fails

  • Dad, hurry up, I’m getting late, please tie my hair. Dad – what should I tie her hair with? Oh great I have something.

    funny dad parenting fails images

  • Only a Dad can do this.

    funny dad parenting fails pics

  • Daddy I want an indoor swing. No problem sugar.

    funny dad parenting fails image

  • It’s a task to make you fall asleep and to not let you wake up soon…look how I have to eat – Dad.

    funny dad parenting fails pics

  • Mom – make sure kids don’t leave the bed. Dad – ok honey.

    funny dad parenting fails

  • Pheww! I need some rest.

    funny dad parenting fails

  • Daddy please make me a hair-bun.

    funny images

  • C’mon lets play a bet who’s stack will be the longest – Dads.

    funny kids images

  • My baby bag is ready now, with my baby in it.

    baby in a bag

  • When you gotta play, you gotta play. Period.

    funny kids pics

  • What was he thinking?

    crazy dad

  • You can’t imagine this use of your tools, can you?

    funny pic

  • Feel like painting today, what should I paint? Lets paint my baby today.

    funny images

  • Daddy wanna see you all suited up, so what if its his suit.

    baby in a suit