Ever wondered why only some people get Dimples? Here’s the reason!

As soon as you say “dimples”, you relate the word with cuteness, baby face, charming, lovable and all such adjectives. Did you ever think why only a few have them and others not? Sure, you did. Yes?

Here’s the answer for you.

Dimples are the result of a birth deformity which need not be treated. Rather, it looks beautiful.

Baby with dimples

As per the definition in Wikipedia:

“Dimples may be caused by variations in the structure of the facial muscle known as Zygomaticus Major. Specifically, the presence of a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle may explain the formation of cheek dimples.”

And now in English (LOL).

Certain alterations happen in the normal structure of a large facial muscle which causes it’s division. These divided muscles pull the skin leading to a small depression or indentation in the flesh, mostly, but not necessarily in Cheeks and Chin.

Unlike other deformities, Dimpled cheeks are the only ones which people try to get artificially.

Dimples are generally considered as Genetic (Dominant trait), which means that if your parents have them, there are high chances of you inheriting those dimpled cheeks/chin too. But, scientists are still debating over their genetic trait.

Precisely, dominant or not, on cheeks or on chin; Dimples are a proof that flaws can be beautiful too. Right?