When a 11 inch horn of a bull goes inside a man’s butt during a bull fight

In Mexico city on Monday a man was admitted to hospital when he was severely injured during a bull fight.

This tournament is very popular in many countries. It is a rumble between a man and a bull. Though there are rules set for this tussle but rules are for men not for the bulls. It was proved in the recent bull fight ordeal in Mexico city on Monday.

11 inch bull's horn goes inside bull fighter's butt in a bull fight

During the bull fight a tragic incident took place when the bull pierced the backside of the bull fighter with its horn. The 11 inch horn went up his butt leaving him in hell of pain. He was immediately admitted to hospital.

Watch the video here which got more than 400000 views in minutes of sharing.

This is a dangerous sport though it has its cultural strings attached in many countries of the world

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