These Tiger Cubs Starved And Dehydrated for a Week in a Wooden Crate

4 months old cute tiger cubs couldn’t even stand up after they were trapped for 7 days without food and water in a wooden crate at Beirut airport. They were starved and dehydrated

These were supposed to go to Syria and were rescued a Lebanese animal rights group. Poor tiger cubs urinated and defecated on each other inside the small wooden crate which was just 16 inches tall.

“Nothing indicated that the box contained tigers or even live animals, and there were no details of a shipper or receiver,” they said.

The tigers were brought from a zoo in city of Mykolaev in Ukraine.

Later the Lebanese animal rights group filed a petition in which judge ordered the tiger cubs to be released in the custody of the group. Now the tiger cubs are going under veterinary treatment in charity.

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