Knowing English is Important, but correct Grammar is “Importanter”. Wink!

Many a times we do not realize what we are writing, and this usually happens when one translates from what his Mother Tongue is to generally “English”. We have listed some of the many such mistakes in good humor.
Happy LOL!

  • Our Country is severely hurt by this Notice.

    funny mistakes

  • How many can guess the flavor of the Ice-cream in one glance, going by the spelling?

    English errors

  • Eeewwww! Yukkkkk!

    Funny images

  • Even porn can be accidental, if you know what I mean.

    Funny notice

  • Oops, where’s the umbrella?

    Grammar error

  • Guess there is a chemical reaction between Christmas and New Year!


  • Yayyy! I saved a life.

    Grammar Mistakes

  • That’s true, who knows you might eat up all the rocks there.

    Bad english

  • Please do not empty your dog there!!!

    Funny Message

  • Shit and leak under the tub.

    Funny spelling mistakes

  • Find is “fined”.

    Funny Notice

  • PT sir must attain mandatory English classes.

    terrible english

  • Please do not forget to meet the cousins of Sofa Bed.

    Funny Mistakes

  • I am never going to swim when gents toilet are out of order.Funny Spellings

  • I had no clue, pedestrians are slippery, when wet.

    Grammar mistakes

  • Important is average, being “Importanter” is great.Funny Mistakes

  • Common people, they are 1 hour more sorry, atleast consider them.Funny spelling mistakes

  • Be cautious, your under-something might be at surveillance.

    Funny spelling mistakes