A True Dog Lover Did Something Heart Warming

Dog is the Man’s best friend. This goes for all the dogs but are all humans dog’s best friends. I don’t think so. However there are some people who equally love their dog and could even risk their lives in the love of their best friend and we call them ‘True Dog Lover’.

Camera crew from ABC News have caught this heart warming video of a dog lover in Alberta. The video shows a Dog got stuck in a frozen pond and was just counting its breaths before a sure death. But we all have guardian angels around and so has this lucky Dog in the form of a true dog lover.

The man loves his cute dog so much that he simply jumped into the frozen water of the pond. He can be seen geeting into water and moving towards his dog and at one moment it seemed that he too got stuck in the pond along with his dog and badly need a rescue team.

Against all odds this dog lover rescues his dog and they both emerged out safely of the freezing pond. Watch it.

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