Chupacabra, the goat sucker. Does it really exists? See the video!!

The Chupacabra. Its name literally means “goat sucker”. This is a creature of legendary and terrifying status, especially in Latino countries and Latino communities throughout the southern United States.

With sightings of this unknown, mysterious, blood sucking beast ranging from as far south as the southern tip of South America, to as far north as the boards of Canada; obviously there’s something more to it than mere fantasy.

chupacabra existence


While it’s noted the Chupacabra was first reported by a farmer in Puerto Rico in 1995 when he discovered the mutilated remains of his livestock whilst doing his morning chores, there are similar reports of mutilated livestock going on for decades prior. The beast earned the name “El Chupacabra” because evidence indicated the creature drank, or sucked the blood of the livestock it had killed; much like a vampire does to a human victim. Photos and eyewitness sketches of the Chupacabra show it as a small creature with large, black eyes, and long, sharp fangs.

They claim this is a real Chupacabra. Scientists and skeptics have dismissed the Chupacabra as nothing more than a canine species with a really bad case of mange. For those unfamiliar, mange is a skin condition commonly occurring in dogs and other canine species which causes the fur to fall out; leaving the skin looking horrid.

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