Are you a cookie monster?? Try these mind blowing cookies and get your priorities straight!

The taste of a cookie may not lies in its shape but in the mind of the cookies lovers for sure. Only then you can get the mind blowing shapes out of your oven

If you are bored of the regular cookies you have then here are some mind blowing shaped cookies. Its not just the taste but the shape of the cookie makes them amazing too. Check these out.

1. 3D Animal

3D animals shaped cookies

Image © Suck UK


2. 3D Space Ships

3D-Space ships shaped cookies

Image © Suck UK


3. Batman Logo

Batman logo shaped cookies

Image © ICUP DC


4. Cassette Shapes

Cassette shaped cookies

Image © Animewild


5. Dinosaurs Shapes

Dinosaur shaped cookies

Image © Dig-Ins


6. Gingerbread Man Skeleton

Gingerdead man shaped cookies

Image © Fred & Friends


7. Halloween

Halloween cookies

Image © Old River Road


8. iCookie

iPhone shaped cookie

Image © Donkey Creative Lab


9. Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle shaped cookie

Image © Kitchencookshop


10. Pac-Man Shapes

Pac-Man shaped cookies

Image © Suck UK


11. Star Wars

Star-Wars shaped cookies

Image © Pretty House


12. Tea with the Queen


Image © Fancy


13. Zombie Cookies

zombie shaped cookies

Image © Fred & Friends