14th attempt and finally a 128.4 kgs idli. Massive and delicious!

Idli is one of the most loved dish by all ages in India. This caterer ‘Iniyavan’ broke all records by making a massive idli weighing 128.4 kgs.

largest idli in the World

Vyasarpadi, based ‘Iniyavan’ also exhibited about 130 varieties of idlis in different flavours, shapes and sizes.

Largest idli in the world


This autorikshaw driver turned caterer was able to make this idli after 14 unsuccessful attempts. “I was once an auto driver in Coimbatore. I met an idli making lady and then started this on my own. Idli is the  dish that helped me get out of poverty. So, I wanted to do something that can encourage others like me,” said the caterer.

Largest idli in the world